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個人資料條款 Personal Information Terms

閣下入會需知:我們尊重閣下的私隱,並遵守香港個人資料(私隱)條例的規定。感謝閣下向我們提供個人資料,閣下之個人資料將會被保密。閣下向我們提供個人資料表示閣下同意我們為了本計劃,及我們的服務和產品相關的目的(例如特別優惠、售後支援、統計調查、研究、直接推銷、市場推廣、公共關係、推廣宣傳),在香港境內外收集、使用、儲存、處理這些資料,和將資料傳送至我們在境內外就上述目的協助我們處理資料、承諾遵守本條款及負上保密責任的服務供應商、推廣宣傳活動的合作夥伴、母公司輝瑞的附屬公司或調查研究機構。閣下有權查詢、修訂或更正我們所持有有關閣下的個人資料,如閣下有上述要求或不欲收取任何有關輝瑞會產品或活動的宣傳資料,請致電輝瑞會熱線29601838或發送電郵至[email protected]。所有收到之文件副本我們一概恕不退還。


We respect your privacy and will abide by the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy)Ordinance. We thank you for providing us your personal information, which will be keptconfidential. Your submission of your personal information indicates that you agree thatfor the purposes of this program, and for providing relevant service and product (suchas special offer, after-sale service, survey, research, direct selling, marketing, publicrelation, promotion), we will collect, use, store and process the personal information inor outside the territory of Hong Kong and we may send this information to serviceproviders, promotional campaign partners, affiliates of our parent company Pfizer Inc. orresearch organizations assisting us to process the information for the purposes statedabove, which are abiding by this Personal Information Terms and confidentialityobligations. You have the right to request access and to make necessary amendment orcorrection to your own personal information kept in our company. If you have suchrequest or you do not wish to receive any Pfizer Club promotional materials, please callPfizer Club hotline at 29601838 or email to [email protected] All documentsreceived in copy will not be returned.